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School Details

Rules Of The School
1.Every student should carry his/her school diary with him/her.
2.children who come to school in their own transport should arrive the school before the warning bell is rung. it is imperative that every student to be on time for school,for both morning and afternoon session.
3.Changes of class rooms between periods should be done in silent and in order.
4.All the students should be habitually clean and always neatly dressed.
5.Students are expected to take good care of their books and personal belongings.This should be marked distinctly and indelbly with the owner's name, standard and address.
6.The school is not resonsible for goods lost.We discourage children from bringing any expensive articles to school.
7.No student may leave the school premises during school hours recess without the prior permission of the principal.
8.Watchman/guard will come with the visitors slip to seek the consent to permit the arrival of parent/guest or visitors.
9. No student should be send to the school if he/she is suffering from a contagious disease or if there are such cousis at home.
10. Students are strictly prohibited to bring any book athor then test book.
11. None of the students will offer the present or gift to any school teachers.
12. If students come to the school in the care of servent,they may not leave befor ethe servent arrives. If he delayed they should wait for him in the school building.
13. Students who board the bus must sit quietly in bus and away the stop.
14. Pupils are expected not to damage school property.
Rules For The Payment Of Fees
1.Fee must be deposited on 10th of every month from 8am to 12 noon by cash.
2.The activity fee includes games,library facilities,visual education etc.
3Parents will kindly save the receipt issued to them in proof of payment if needed.
4 Please check fee record of your ward every month.If you have more than two children studying in the school, please mention their names, classes and addmission no. in the diary. Cost of the school magazine will be charged only from one child (studying in the senior class).
Recommandation to Guardians
1.The school authorities rely upon the full co-operation of the parents and guardians in all the matters concerning the education of their child. Parents should look into the school diary every evening and see in the lessonns and homework assigned for the next day are done. Remarks made in the diary by the principal or the teacher should be seen and signed.
2.WE do not advice that parents should engage tutor for their children. If in an exceptional case it is done the tutor should be familiar with the methods used in the school.
3.If any complaint is to be made conserning a child's teacher,please see the principal.
4.Teachers are available for consultation during school sessions. Appointment is to be made through the principal for the free class periods only, or before and after class hours.
5.Please encourage your ward to be resourcrful early in life. They should be taught to keep their room clean,to polish their own shoes, make their own bed etc .
6.It is not recommanded to withdraw your child for family social functions. Adherence to the school calender and puntuality for the all class spells success later on. If the parents and guardians cooperate with the school authorities in the education of their ward, success is assured.
7.Your ward can be asked to stay after school to attend extra class for any kind of indiscipline .
1.CBSE education curriculum, skills and wellness activities to be conducted whole year around.
2.Education curriculum as prescribed by CBSE board for each class whole year around to be completed from April 2019 to January 2020. After January 2020, daily exams to be conducted till final exams in end of February
3.Spoken English to be improved by strictly enforcing the conversation between the students and between the staffs and students to be only in English language
4.Competitive exams and Question banks from competitive books like Arihant and Brain mapping to be conducted every week for each class for on going topics.
5.Olympiad exams is conducted every year.
6.English songs to be sung by students in assembly time, music period and half time to further enhance their command in spoken English.
7.English songs to be sung by students in assembly time, music period and half time to further enhance their command in spoken English.
8.Debates to be organized in English on different topics to further enhance the students command in confidence and knowledge.
9.Music classes to be conducted whole week around to further increase the command in spoken English
10.Music competitions to be organized every year
11.Science exhibition to be conducted every year and working model to be made by students to further clear the concepts of basic science fundamentals
10.Music competitions to be organized every year
12.Daily routine checking of cleanliness and personal hygiene of the students to be enhanced as the year goes by.
13.Assembly time half an hour to be spent on yoga and jogging whole year around..
14.Departure time stretching exercise and laughing sessions to be further introduced and the well-being in students..
15.In sports classes, sport s teacher teaches the steps in yoga and exercise.
16.Yearly athletic meet is conducted to increase the sportsman spirit and healthy spirited competitions among the students.
17.In May end ,a free summer camp is organized at Sharda Health Park and school promises to teach swimming and martial art to students..
18.Writing and essay competitions will be held after every month.
19..At the end of the session, the study and curriculum activities are engineered in school environment Such a way to bring holistic and obvious personality enhancement in students. .
20.At the end of the year school will ask a report card from parents on above points on school performance whole year around